Thursday, June 30, 2011

"The Plague"

Hello everyone, the Historian finally here. Let me, first and foremost, apologize deeply for the huge delay between posts. I have plenty of excuses, but none of that matters. I can only say that I will try to be more prompt in the future. Getting "meta" for a moment, I can say that what has been tripping me up has been the high level of detail in my summaries--they do take a lot out of me! The solution I've come up with, to try and catch people up with the discussions (which are actually the point of this whole thing) is to do a summary in a few sentences for now. I may go back later and insert longer summaries later. I will also include links to the episode transcripts that have helped me get the level of detail lately. Again, I apologize to our readers and the Project members.

Now, several weeks ago I was joined by Ketina, Ronelyn, Schmallturm, Spoo, MisterMother, Photobug and Cz to watch another episode aboard the ship to Refusis II. Let's get to the summary!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

RIP Roy Skelton

Hello all, the Historian here. Yes, I know this isn't the post you might have been expecting (I'll catch up soon! I promise!), but I wanted to note the sad passing of actor Roy Skelton, one of the not-sung-enough heroes of Doctor Who. He was the voice of the Daleks from 1967 until 1988 as well as voicing the Cybermen and multitudes of other creatures and appearing on-screen in the Third Doctor's final adventure, "Planet of the Spiders." As an odd coincidence, the TARDIS Project will be watching Skelton's first work for the show this week (and I will hopefully catch up on things and blog about it by next week).

Here's a nice obituary of Mr. Skelton from the Doctor Who News Page. (Warning: mild spoiler for the current TP story buried in there.)

RIP Mr. Skelton. Thanks for making so many monsters as scary and believable as they can be.