Friday, November 7, 2008

Hmm? What's that? Who's there! Oh, it's you.

Ahem. Welcome to the TARDIS Project. I am the Historian and, together with my courageous companion Ketina, we will be journeying through the mists of Time to explore the early televised history of Doctor Who. To put it more simply, Ketina and I (and any others we may pick up and drop off along the way--time travellers have a tendency to do that, you know) plan to watch every episode of the first six seasons of the BBC series, one at a time. Ideally, our schedule will be an episode a week, though Ketina has promised to continue to attempt to convince me to watch more at a time. I shall, of course, continue to resist. (We shall see who wins out in this battle of wills and how long it might take!) We will do this using both televised episodes and, where necessary, reconstructions of episodes that are missing. This web log will be used to chronicle our travels with the Doctor, looking at the show's development, the characters who come and go, our views of the production and probably many other things along the way. Ketina and I invite you to follow us in our quest! Postings should be at a minimum of once weekly from the 23rd of November when we sit down on Doctor Who's 45th birthday to watch "An Unearthly Child." We may have to skip a few weeks, we may have multiple posts in a week, so keep checking back!

Until next time, I remain


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Alzarian said...

What a completely "bonkers" idea, and yet, how absolutely fabulous too. I just stumbled on your blog, and have been doing my own trip through the series, so it will be fascinating to see what you guys think. These early episodes are really something special, I feel.