Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lost in Time-er, I mean Thailand?

Hello, the Historian here. While we're gearing up for our grand premiere on Sunday (and Companion Ketina still assures me she'll introduce herself at some point), I have the shadow of good news. According to a story in the Daily Telegraph, it seems a researcher has traced episodes of "Marco Polo" and (probably) "The Reign of Terror" to Thailand! There's nothing to say, of course, that copies survive, but it seems the Thai television stations never returned the films to the BBC. It's at best the shadow of a hope of a dream, but there's still at least the loosest possibility, if this researcher's work bears fruit, that we could be seeing more than just reconstructions of stories like "Marco Polo" (like the ones Ketina and I will be viewing in a couple of months' time) someday!

Living in hope, as all Doctor Who lovers must, I remain


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Alzarian said...

Hope you don't mind this viewer from 2011, making comments on your blogs of 2008. A bit like time travel, huh? Sadly, no missing episodes have been located since you wrote this. I once despaired over some 108 episodes being missing. It is looking increasingly unlikely that we will ever find any more, but one never knows, I guess. Still, with the Target novelizations, original soundtracks, copies of the scripts, a multitude of photographic stills, and the tireless work of fans to create reconstructions, and even animations, these missing stories seem a lot less missing.